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Funeral Products Story Excerpts

What is a Burial Vault?

Burial vaults are outer enclosures designed to protect caskets from natural conditions such as weather damage and the pressure of soil. Specifically, because caskets and coffins will eventually rot away, the ground over the grave, given time will eventually subside, flattening the contents buried beneath from the pressure of the soil.Though not required, some cemeteries will encourage[...]

Keeping the Peace in Cemeteries

The English author and publisher William Tegg, wrote in 1876, "There is perhaps nothing else so distinctive of the condition and character of a people as the method in which they treat their dead.This is never more true when applied to cemeteries. There are over 40,000 cemeteries in use in North American today and there are guidelines that are in place to keep them visually appealing[...]

Flowers are a Part of the Cycle of Life

Having flowers present at a funeral service is an ancient tradition that has been practised around the world for centuries. Archaeologists have discovered evidence that suggests that even early man had rituals for death. Human remains were found in a cave dating back over 50,000 years ago yet the body was accompanied with food ochre and flower petals.Flowers can create an atmosphere[...]

When You Wish Upon a Star... Can You Buy It?

There are plenty of websites out in cyberspace that claim to sell the naming rights to people who want to buy a star in the name of a loved one and it has become increasingly popular, especially for people who want a way to remember a deceased loved one. The sites claim to register your choice in the name of the star with one international registry or another making it recognized by[...]

Butterfly Memorials

The act of a ceremonial releasing of doves at special events has been practised for centuries. Around 2900 BC Egyptians would announce the arrival of important guests by releasing pigeons from incoming ships. Many people are looking for more personalized ways to say goodbye and sometimes that means taking old traditions and tweaking it to fit the personality of the deceased.  If you[...]

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